Island Rental Displays
Below are our Island rental options. We offer 2 rental solutions. Rental only or our turnkey solution priced based on what zone your show is in.
Click image for close up view

Island 4-1
20x20/30 panel/pole display:


island 4-2
20x20 panel/pole display:


Island 4-3
20x20 panel/pole display:

Island 4-4
20x20 panel/pole display:


Island 4-5
20x20 panel/pole/truss Display:


Island 4-6
20x30/40 pole/panel display:

Island 4-7
20x20/30 truss display:


Island 4-8
20x20/30 Truss display:


Island 4-9
20x20 Truss display:

Island 4-10
20x20/30 Modular laminated panel system:


Island 4-11
20x20 Truss display:


Island 4-12
20x20 Modular panel frame system :

Island 4-13
20x20 panel/pole Display display:


Island 4-14
20x40 panel/pole Display:


Island 4-15
20x20 panel/pole/truss Display:


Optional Furniture
Please Note: Any furniture in the above booths are not included in the rental. Please see our furniture renatl page for all our rental inventory.